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Why Your Child Might Never be Good at Yoga for Weight Loss

A few years ago, before I knew about the way I could use yoga for weight loss, I was addicted to Tic Tacs. I had to have a box of those sugar filled mints in my pockets, and I would eat about twenty a day. And when I wanted a special sugar treat, I’d sneak an Altoids mint from my secret stash.

Yesterday, I told you all about salt. Today, let me see what you know about that other jar of powdered white stuff that is at hand in almost every kitchen in the world today. White Sugar.

Do you know how they make sugar? Sugar is usually made from sugarcane, sometimes from beetroot. They squeeze the juice out of the sugarcane and boil it till the water evaporates, giving you unrefined sugar, jaggery.

This jaggery, unrefined sugar, is then ‘refined’ and separated into white sugar and molasses. Basically,  they take all the nutrition, sell it as molasses, and add some extra sulfur to the bad stuff, sugar, to make it look white and attractive.

Sugar is very useful for a number of things: making concentrates, jams, sweets… putting a crystal at a time on the ground and watching an ant carry it away. Unfortunately, sugar is also very effective at ruining our body from the inside out, creating a haven for diseases to grow.

If I told you sugar is one of the main reasons for diabetes and obesity, you’d believe me. Why, then, do you still eat? Are you trying to become diabetic and obese? Obviously not. It’s a habit, we’ve got used to eating sugar from our childhood. I’m positive that if all the mothers in the world knew that sugar was a poison for their baby and would ultimately ruin their child’s health to such an extent that he or she would have to stop eating anything sweet one day, nobody in the world would be addicted to sugar, and no one would be diabetic or obese.

I don’t have to tell you how sugar makes you obese or diabetic; there are enough people talking about that. Let me tell what the others won’t tell you about sugar. Here’s the harsh truth about sugar:

Sugar makes you schizophrenic. I’m quite shocked at this, but apparently it’s true. Diabetics are more prone to schizophrenia than others. (Imagine what other diseases eating sugar could lead to!)

Eating sugar today, in whatever form – sweets, buns, biscuits, tea or coffee, other beverages, sugar candy – will make sure that one day, you will have to give up eating any sweet permanently.

Have you ever seen an obese animal, in the wild? No. That’s because they eat natural sugar in natural foods. Squeezing just the sugar out of something and processing it to get just glucose or sucrose, and then mixing that sugar in other foods we eat is nothing short of a tragedy. Sweet tasting foods do not make you obese or diabetic – as long as they are natural.

I have had diabetics tell me, “my doctor has warned me not to eat too many fruits since they contain sugar. Won’t fruits raise my glucose levels?” My answer to them: “You’re only talking about the quantity of sugar, not the quality. Look at the quality, that’s more important. Fruits have a lot of fructose, not sucrose or glucose. Fructose does not need insulin secretion, to get used by your body. Not all sweet tasting foods cause diabetes. Fruits cure diabetes.” More on that later.

If you are truly interesting in yoga for weight loss, I hope you are convinced now about the damage white sugar causes to your body, and will reduce the amount of sugar you take, today itself.

Be Blessed.

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