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What Traditional Doctors are Saying about Yoga & Weight Loss

We live in a world where every street has a clinic and every neighbourhood, a hospital. Look out of your door and you’ll find the nearest doctor. Modern medical science has progressed so much that it claims to have found answers to once-fatal diseases. Why, then, are diseases in the world increasing? Dialysis has become commonplace; kidney failure is a household term. Infertility has grown into such a big issue that there are so many fertility clinics running successfully today. Why, even yoga & weight loss clinics run well. Why is this? Yoga and weight loss, as taught by traditional doctors, gives you the answer.

The root cause of disease is central to your understanding of yoga and weight loss. Trust me, this concept will help you overcome any disease, not just obesity.

My friend asked me the other day, “Why do you ask me not to eat meat? There are millions who do and they seem just fine to me!” And that was when it struck me. Things weren’t fine at all! Whichever angle I looked at it from, human beings were on the wrong path to health, looking at our food habits.

Let me ask you a question, concerning yoga & weight loss: Should we be vegetarians or non-vegetarians? Should we eat meat? Should we drink milk and process cheese? Should we eat eggs? Should we cook cereals and pulses? Should we eat a variety of vegetables?

“Even if the whole world believes man is a biological vegetarian, we cannot stop eating meat”, many say. “Forget about yoga & weight loss, that stuff isn’t fit for me!”

Friends, this is a skewed, twisted viewpoint. If you were raised from your birth on a diet purely of rice and nothing else, does that mean it was a healthy one, even if you believed it was? No.

The most important concept yoga & weight loss teaches us is this. Listen carefully: You are what you eat. The food that you eat creates your body. I will tell you why this is such a powerful concept.

Yoga & weight loss talks about how every single thing you eat has a profound effect on your metabolism and the way your body. Let me give you an example. A burger with some sauce may contain a bit of lycopene, an antioxidant, from tomatoes. It also contains a large amount of oil and fat, salt, spices, starch, etc. A fruit contains an enormously high amount of antioxidants, and very little glucose. Why, then, does a diabetic prefer to inject himself and eat a burger, when he can eat a fruit without the injection? Taste? No. It is habit.

Imagine this: everything you put in your mouth and swallowed today is right now getting converted to the cells that make up your body! Refined foods have a habit of encouraging inflammation, cell damage and angiogenesis, which means growth of new blood vessels. There are two kinds of cells that need a super-large helping of blood vessels to survive: cancer cells and fat cells.

Now you know why there are more obese people and cancer patients in the world, even with the dawn of scientific modern medicine. No matter what medicine you take, your health will change only when your food changes. Yoga & weight loss is the only way forward, to live a healthy life.

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