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What is Your Ideal Weight?

Above all, you should know that the ideal weight is the weight where it feels good. “Just diet now” For a woman measuring 1 meter 70, the ideal weight is around 60 kilos, For a man measuring 1 meter 70, the ideal weight is around 65 kilos, It is simply the data that must be taken as an indication. The important thing is to feel good about yourself.“just diet now” How to start a diet?

Just Diet Now

You do not feel good about yourself? Can you not wear your pants? You will probably start a diet. Starting a diet is not easy,But it is necessary to motivate and not wait To start a perfect diet, it is advisable to set a weight and objectives that you want to achieve (2 pounds per month, or 500 grams per week) by setting goals, we unconsciously motivated. Do not forget that you should not try to lose weight in a few days, for good diet, should be gradually lose from 2 to 4 pounds per month. We must let the body stabilizes to not resume all your weight once your ideal weight achieved .‘just diet now’ : What are the basic rules in the diet?There are some basic rules that must be followed to obtain the best possible results.

  • Rule 1 : Avoid fatty foods and sweet, you should limit anything that contains chocolate, crisps, sauces, soft drinks, fast foods, etc.
  • Rule 2 : Regularity, must try to eat at the same times.
  • Rule 3 : Try to practice at least two hours of sport every week.
  • Rule 4 : Never give up: in a diet, there will always be periods of no weight loss Sometimes for several weeks, this is why you should never give up and continue to reap the rewards of your efforts!

A Losing Battle ?

If you diet repeatedly only to have the weight creep back on, you are not alone. an estimated 95 percent of people who lose weight by dieating gain back the weight within five years. Many peapole add a few more pounds on top of that.

About one in three american adults tries to lose weight at any given time. They spend more than 30 billion $ each year on diet products, programs,potions, powders, and pills. You would thhink americans would be the most svelte peaple in the world.  Yet people  in united states who are overweight. In fact, it is estimated that about half of all U.S adults fall into one these two categories.

Something doesn’t add up. Maybe you think that people—yourself included—fail on diets because they lack willpower or just haven’t found the right plan for them. Here’s a new way to look at: Could it be that diets are failing them ? Do diets just not work ? Yes, say a growing number of nutrition experts and people like you. In fact, they say the route to feeling happy about your body—and yourself— is to stop dieting altogether.

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