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Sure You Could Lose Weight Quick: If You Were A Robot

Whenever I hear the “lose weight quick” gurus spouting their logic, I just want to punch them in the face.   ”All you have to do,” they say, “is to burn more calories than you take in.  It really is that simple.”  No it isn’t.

Yes, what they say is logical and it makes sense.  But it’s far from simple.  Sometimes, it’s downright maddening.  But it should be that simple.  I mean, if your grass gets too tall, you cut it.  If you get a hole in your roof, you patch it.  But if your belly or butt starts getting too big, somehow it’s just not that black and white.

If it were, fasting to lose weight would be all you’d need.  Yet, our survival mechanisms kick in and override our mechanical logic which says that this is the right thing to do.

The reason for this is emotions.  Yes, we all know that the gurus are right.  If we burn off more calories than we take in, of course we’ll lose weight.

But we can easily lose sight of how badly we want to lose weight fast when the pizza arrives for the big game.  Of course, we want to be a part of the crowd.  It’s just human nature.

For any weight loss system to be effective, the emotional factors need to be considered.  Don’t believe me?  Try not eating for a couple days and see how irritable you become.  This is the main reason most people fail who use strict diets, especially those that advocate fasting to lose weight.

If you could only develop the mindset of an android, you could lose weight quickly, logically turning away the stuffed crust and double pepperoni demon on your shoulder.

Another way is to find an effective weight loss system that encourages cheating.  Impossible, you say?  This is one such system, and it works like crazy.

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