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Simple Principle for Weight Loss

Have you ever struggled with your body weight? Have you tried different diets to lose weight, but unsuccessful or the weight is re-gained when the diet is discontinued? Weight loss is not as difficult as you think. There is only one simple principle, which is, burn more calories than you consume. However, the question is — HOW?

Intake is the amount of calories you eat. Everyone needs calories to maintain life, but too much can cause weight gain as body converts the excess calories to fat and store in the body. How to reduce calories intake? Since carbohydrate, protein, and fat provide calories, therefore, they all need to be decreased.

In other words, totally eliminating high-fat foods, but at the same time increasing intake of protein and carbohydrate foods cannot help much in losing weight because protein and carbohydrate also provide calories, which can be converted to fat and be stored in the body. In addition to the 3 energy-yielding nutrients, alcohol also provides energy. Therefore, alcoholic beverage consumption should also be limited.

Keep in mind that reduce (eat less) does not mean totally eliminate them from diet. You can still enjoy your favorite dessert or ice cream, but only in small amount each time you eat them.

In addition to reducing calories intake, increasing calories expenditure is also important. Expenditure is determined by age, gender, genetics, and physical activity level. Age, gender, and genetics are uncontrollable, while physical activity level is controllable. The higher physical activity level, the more calories is expended. Thus, increasing physical activity level is a must.

Remember, there is no short-cut for weight loss. To lose weight, reducing the amount of calories you eat and increasing expenditure by boosting physical activity level is the most effective way for weight lost.

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