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Losing Weight Fast Has Never Been Simpler

My brother is one smart dude.  A couple years ago, he took a look at his body, and decided it was time to shed some poundage.  I think he told me he weighed 215 pounds at the time.

Instead of going on an extreme fast weight loss diet, however, he did something I’d heard of, but I wasn’t sure how effective it was until I saw his results.  I don’t know where he learned to do this, but it was certainly a very potent weight loss system for him.

He wasn’t really focused on losing weight quickly.  He just wanted it gone and for it to stay gone.  His focus was long term, and he’s managed to keep all the weight off even to this day.  So what did he do?

Simple.  He just wrote it down.  Everything he ate, he kept a record of it.  He wrote down the time of day he was eating, but the way I understand it, that’s all the details that he recorded.  He didn’t count calories or fat grams.  He didn’t weigh or measure his food in any way.

He just wrote it down.

He told me that when he saw on paper how much crap he was actually consuming, it almost made him sick.  He thought he was only eating a little junk here and there, but it turns out he was eating about 6 candy bars every day!  That’s a huge amount of empty calories, not to mention the fat grams.

Just writing it down, however, caused him to be conscious of what he was putting into his body.  He stopped eating most of the bad stuff (but not all), and started losing weight quickly.  Keep in mind, he wasn’t taking any fat burners or weight loss supplements of any kind.

I recently ran across an extremely easy weight loss system that allows you to do the same thing my brother did, only this system makes it very easy to keep track of all the aspects of your weight loss routine.

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