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Identify Your 1 Rep Max for Effective Training

It is very important that you learn how to use your one rep max to stimulate muscle growth for optimal strength training. In this, you must first determine what your max repetition is. Then you can choose one of various weight training routines such as reverse pyramid training when you should start with the heaviest set first instead of beginning with the lightest weight. This guide will give you a step by step procedure you can use to identify your ideal 1 rep max.

Don’t do it alone!

This is not a one-man task, so before you go on identifying the intensity of maximum weight for this procedure, make sure you have a very experienced partner at hand. It will be important in case you start to lift the heavy barbell and you need help halfway. If the barbell has lost its balance, and moves out of control without n observer in, it can cause a lot of damage.

Warming up

Start by doing some light lifts, at least three sets of five repetitions each. At this stage, ensure that you do not tire the muscles excessively. Don’t do too many repetitions for warming up, because it is necessary to stimulate muscle flexibility, blood in the tissues and reduce overweight muscle fibers. After the initial series, which is warming up, then you should rest for a period of about two minutes.

Rest and increase the weight

Then take the same weight as when you warm up. Increase the number of pounds of weight slightly, then continue and make a unique set of about three repetitions. The increase in the weight should not exceed five pounds. After the set, allow muscles to rest for about two minutes to replenish energy levels and recover from exhaustion. After resting for two minutes, it’s time to increase weight. Take the same weight and add another five pounds. Perform one set of about three repetitions, at normal speed.

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