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How to Lose Weight Quickly

She wanted to lose weight quickly.  Her eyes showed desperation, and her tone betrayed her frustration.  She needed more than just some quick weight loss tips.  I saw her here in the gym almost every day.

Somebody had obviously told her I used to be a personal trainer here.  “I’d do anything if it meant losing 35 pounds in time for my class reunion,” she said.

“Losing weight fast can be pretty tough,” I told her.  “What have you tried so far?”

She took a deep breath.  “I heard running was a fast way to lose weight, but my ankles hurt really bad.  I’m walking every day now but that doesn’t seem to be doing any good.”

“What about your diet?”

“That’s just it; I don’t eat that much.  I usually have a piece of toast with orange juice in the morning, a salad of some sort for lunch, and vegetable soup for dinner.  I do drink a lot of this weight loss tea.”

I figured a fast weight loss diet wouldn’t help, since she didn’t eat that much anyway.  “Have you lost any at all?”

“A little; about a pound every two weeks or so.  I’ve got to do better.”

Again, I reiterated how difficult losing weight fast can be, but she seemed determined.  I motioned for her to follow me to one of the exercise bikes.   “I’ve seen you on these a few times,” I said.  “How long do you usually ride?”

“I go for 45 minutes, four days a week.”

“If you’re dead serious, I can show you a super fast way to lose weight, but it won’t be easy.  You up for it?”

“Yep,” she said, barely letting me finish my sentence.

“OK, then here’s what I want you to do.”  I got on the exercise bike to demonstrate how to do interval training.  “You need to stop doing the 45 minutes and do only 5 minutes at a moderate pace.  Then I want you to go as hard as you can for about a minute.  Then do another minute at a moderate pace.”

“How many times do I do that?”

“You’ll want to do about 6 cycles, then end it with another moderate 5 minute cool-down.  If you really want to lose weight quick, this is about the best way I’ve found.”

“And what about my diet?”

“For now, don’t change anything.  If you’re not losing weight fast enough in a month, we’ll address your diet then.”

I saw her again last Tuesday, and she seemed to be making some serious progress.  Her class reunion’s in 3 weeks, and she seems confident she reach her goal by then.

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