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Fat Burner Myths and Reality

Fat burners have been around a little while.  Back in the 1980′s, I worked the graveyard shift in a Florida department store.  Sometimes to stay awake, my friends and I would take what we called “white crosses,” which were ephedrine, which comes from ephedra, a common ingredient in many commercial fat burners today.

Yes, it really did what it said.  It gave us loads of energy (after about 8 pills), and I wasn’t hungry for a couple days.  I personally wasn’t taking it for fat loss or weight control, but I could see how it would help somebody suppress their appetite.

Today, fat burners are big business.  And, when you think about it, how nice would it be to take a pill, sit back, and watch TV with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s while the fat magically just melts away.  That’s the Holy Grail of fat people everywhere.

Unfortunately, no such pill exists.  Even the most reputable fat burners on the market today use the warning, “Use with a balanced diet.”  A balanced diet?  If I had one of those, I wouldn’t need fat burners in the first place, would I?

In theory, fat burners break down body fat and transforms it to energy.  There’s not much science to back this up, however, so take their claims with a grain of salt.  Most of the “evidence” of the efficacy of fat burners has been anecdotal, and may or may not be genuine.

Some ingredients in fat burners can be quite dangerous.  In fact, ephedra, which I mentioned earlier, was banned for sale in the US in 2004 by the Food And Drug Administration.  It has been associated with high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes.

Keep this in mind:  Even though supplements, possibly even some fat burners, may help you lose weight in the short term, there is no pill that can keep the weight off.  I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but only proper diet, mindset, and exercise can do that.

If you want to burn fat like crazy, this weight loss programcan help get you there quick, but in a healthy way.  Even if you’re an idiot like me.

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