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Does Chinese Weight Loss Tea Really Work?

It seems those crazy Chinese sages are at it again.  Chinese weight loss tea is getting a lot of attention these days, but is it deserved?  Can it really cause you to lose weight?  More importantly, is it safe, or does it have potential side effects like so many other weight loss supplements?

It’s no secret that many people who take care of their body drink tea for health benefits.  These include antioxidants and digestive improvements, but can it really help you to lose weight?

Ever since we’ve had written history, the Chinese have used tea for medicinal purposes.  They would simply combine different plants that they knew possessed certain healing properties, boil them in water, and fifteen minutes later they had medicine.

The Chinese also used tea socially, as in ceremonies and such.  More recently, however, the world community recognizes that this blend of herbs is an awesome weight loss tea.

Probably the best known Chinese weight loss tea is green tea.  Many weight loss systems on the market today recommend drinking this powerhouse.  It’s made from unfermented leaves and is just a touch bitter.

Even though the Chinese have been saying for centuries that green tea is one of the best things you can do for your body, Western science is just now catching up.  It’s now been proven to be a potent antioxidant and to aid in digestion.

This very powerful weight loss tea has been proven to stimulate metabolism and fat oxidation.  This means that it prevents the body from storing fat while it depresses the appetite.

Who doesn’t want that?

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