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Diet Basics: The Do’s and Dont’s of Dieting

Diet Basics The Do’s

Whole foods are by far the easiest and healthiest way to keep from eating to many calories. One way to look at it is, if you couldn’t get it 1000 yrs ago or it doesn’t come from the ground or animal in it purest form, then stay away from it. The only exceptions maybe protein supplements however remember it is called a supplement for a reason.

There is nothing that compares to whole foods. It is difficult for someone to eat to many calories with whole foods because whole foods are much more dense (causing you to fill up quicker) yet contains less calories than most processed foods.

Have a plan and stick to it.

Having a nutritional plan and sticking to the measurements or calories will always take the guess work out of your outcome. This also give you a base point allowing you to adjust you’re calories if needed. Preparing your own meals is a essential. This insures your measurements are correct and how it was prepared. Do not go by a restaurants nutritional information that they provide because there is no guarantee they are preparing it exactly as stated.

Allow yourself a cheat meal or a fun food meal at least 1-2 times per week.

Allowing yourself something tasty 1 to 2 meals per week is OK. You should never have to give up the foods you enjoy, only moderate them so that your still eating healthy for 95% of your meals.

Eat 5-7 small portions throughout the day

Eating small portions 5-7 times per day keeps your energy and insulin level steady and keeps you from to getting to  hungry and causing you not to binge. Eating many times per day also raises you metabolism causing you to burn more calories. Although there has been some debate in this theory I can assure you from my own experience that it works.

Diet Basics The Dont’s

Don’t fall victim to diet fads.

Diet fads are not sustainable and generally cater to people due to fast weight loss. Due to rapid weight loss diet fads can cause a spring back affect causing you to gain weight rapidly once you return to eating normal.  Unfortunately fast weight loss is not only unhealthy and can rob the body of muscle which isn’t good  because lean muscle helps burn body fat. In essence, by doing so you are losing the best fat burning incinerator you have. More than likely will end up right where you started from and sometimes worse.

Don’t believe everything you hear or read.

Keep in mind that fitness magazines are a business who’s job are to write articles. Just because it is written doesn’t mean that it is necessarily correct. They will publish anything to keep their audience engaged or to promote someones product.

Don’t Starve your self or skip breakfast.

Although it may seem logical to skip meals or skip breakfast. This is a huge mistake for these reasons.

1. Skipping breakfast is not healthy. You need nutrients after that long of a time without food. This also fires up your metabolism and helps burn calories easier throughout the day.

2. Skipping meals and not eating can cause your body to feed off it’s own muscle, causing you to lose the best fat burning incinerator you have.

3. Skipping meals slows down your metabolism in an effort to protect itself because of infrequent feedings. “Many of the diet basics in healthy eating and weight loss are severely neglected. I have seen many people go to ridiculous extremes because they buy in to false claims and unhealthy weight loss programs. My advice to you, is stick to the diet basics and choose foods from whole foods or the Eat clean Diet and avoid wasting your time, money and health so you can enjoy some of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle”

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