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Belly Fat Loss – 3 Secrets to Losing Your Gut

If you’re uncomfortable with the stuff that’s been gathering around your mid-section these days, you’re not alone. Obesity is on the rise. So, what can you do about it? Lots. Follow my advice and you’ll be able to see your feet again in no time.

Belly Fat Loss Secret # 1: Choose your friends wisely

Yes, your friends, and even your family can be the biggest hindrance to your weight loss goals. It’s not that they intentionally want you to fail, but your success can threaten their comfort. Let me explain. If those around you are also overweight, when you start to lose pounds, they feel like they no longer have an excuse to stay the way they are. If it’s your mate, they might feel threatened by all the attention you’re getting from the opposite sex.

Belly Fat Loss Secret # 2: Write it down

My brother did this. Without making any significant changes in his diet or exercise routine, he kept a journal, writing down everything he put into his body. He lost about 20 pounds in a month.

Belly Fat Loss Secret # 3: Stuff your face with veggies

It’s a fact that foods high in nutrients like green vegetables are more filling than junk or processed foods. For example, eating 200 calories of broccoli will fill you up much more than 200 calories of chips and soda.

Why is this important? Because if you’re full, you’re going to eat less. You might not even feel like you’re on a diet. And, if you do get hungry, just stuff your face with some celery or green beans, and it’s sure to go away.

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