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5 Easy Ways to be Healthier at Work

The news these days is full of reports on the increasing numbers of obese people. Many people don’t get enough exercise and have an unhealthy diet. A lot of people want to shake up their lifestyle but this can be difficult if your job is office based and in the city with long commuting times.

Healthier Eating

Experts agree that a substantial, but healthy, breakfast is the best way to start the day. You are less likely to want to snack on unhealthy high calorie snacks, mid-morning. But keep a stock of healthy snacks in your drawer should you need them. These could include nuts, sliced fresh fruit, packets of dried fruit and nuts, or yoghurt.

Have bottled water on hand as well so that you can keep hydrated, especially in the summer months when temperatures are high or if you work in air-conditioned or climate controlled offices. Take your own food in for lunch. Prepare healthier option sandwiches or delicious salads. Alternatively, if it is possible to heat food up, take soup or pasta dishes for the colder weather.

For the times when taking a packed lunch is not practical and you have to order food to be delivered, select one of the healthier options from the menu such as fish, leaner cuts of meat and vegetables. If possible avoid food cooked in rich sauces and high in sugar, salt and fat as well as anything that has been fried. There are many books, magazines and websites where you can read more about simple changes that can be made that will make your lifestyle healthier and happier.

Take a Break

Besides taking regular breaks during the day, if you spend most of your time at a desk and on a computer, it is better if you can get away from your desk at lunchtime. Stretching those legs and getting some fresh air will work wonders. If time allows, take the opportunity to take a short walk outside the office. You will return to your desk refreshed and ready to finish the day. Getting off the train or bus one stop away from your normal stop and walking into work in the morning and taking the stairs rather than a lift will also help you to be healthier at work.

A Workstation Should Suit the Individual

To avoid the onset of back pain or neck pain, you have to have the right posture. It’s important that your chair is the right height for you and that it supports your back. Your computer and desk need to be positioned correctly, so your posture isn’t compromised. Don’t slouch in your chair. Your mother told you to sit up straight for a reason! If you’re not happy with your workstation, tell your employer about your concerns, as they have a duty of care with regard to your health and safety.

Disinfectant is Your Friend

Hygiene too should be a concern at the workplace. Recent research has shown that office desks harbour more germs than a toilet seat! The answer is to have a regular routine, using disinfectant wipes to clean not only the desk, but also equipment such as your keyboard, mouse and telephone.

Wash Away Those Office Blues

It’s also important to keep up hygiene standards for yourself, so wash your hands regularly. Many offices provide hand sanitizers. These are convenient and efficient and you’re not left with sticky hands. They come in a variety of scents, so you can put in a request for your favourite ones.

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