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Crazy Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

2 Crazy Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

If you’re looking for a fast way to lose weight, I’m not going to be talking about weight loss supplements or the best kinds of food to lose weight. Weight loss systems and exercise are beyond the scope of this article. These methods are completely unorthodox, and I’ve not seen them published anywhere before, but they work like crazy.

#1: Take Up The Piano

OK, so this might not be for everybody, but when I was a kid, I used to get up in the morning sometimes and play piano twelve hours straight. Sometimes, I even forgot to eat. I was so engulfed in learning chord structure and arpeggios that nothing else on this planet existed.

How can this help you to lose weight fast? Well, most people who fail to lose weight quickly by following a quick weight loss program do so mostly out of boredom. They just get bored easily. A general rule is that bored people eat more.

So instead of focusing your attention only on losing weight fast, try battling boredom. Take up a hobby or learn a language.

#2: Get Out Of The House

This might mean an all-day trip to the mall (avoiding the food court, of course) or spending the day with your laptop at Starbucks (where you’ll have only Chai or green herbal weight loss tea).

The point here is to get you away from your refrigerator, which is where bad things can happen. Am I suggesting you go all day without eating? Of course not. That would be even worse for you in the long run. Simply keep 3 or 4 nutritional bars with you, and eat those every couple hours or so. These typically contain about 200 calories each, which is ideal for our purposes.

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